Sunday, October 5, 2014

20 things that make me smile :)

So I have had some obstacles to overcome in the past few weeks, but thanks to many factors, I’ve come to discover that the best way to live life is with a smile. They are hard to come by at times, but yesterday I started thinking about all of the little things that bring a smile to my face and heart whenever I encounter them. What makes YOU smile?

  1. Sunrises
  2. Sunsets
  3. Clouds, especially when they are accented by streaming light
  4. The smell of brewing coffee and the coziness that greet me when I walk into a coffee shop
  5. Bookstores and libraries
  6. Puppies
  7. Kittens
  8. Rainbows
  9. Warm rain
  10. Acoustic guitar music
  11. “Home” by Phillip Phillips
  12. Super-soft blankets
  13. Comfy pajamas
  14. Cinnamon
  15. Messages from my friends
  16. Picturesque landscapes
  17. Waterfalls
  18. “You’re the best teacher ever” and “I love you”s from my kiddos
  19. Craft stores
  20. The color purple - not the book, the actual color :)